Si14 is the western standards of Customer service, individual decisions and long-term successful experience in the international currency and stock market.

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Victor Kopylov

Si14 Financial Group President. Under his management the regional Russian company has turned into the large financial structure providing services to natural and legal entities in Russia and abroad.
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Dmitry Nikitin

Si14 Financial Group Analytical Department Chief Officer. Introduction of mechanized trade asset control systems in currency and stock markets. Participation in formation of structural products.
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Andrey Bykovskikh

Si14 Financial Group Development Department Head Officer. Business processes optimization, forming and maintenance of effective interaction of the company divisions. Development strategy elaboration.

Services of Mechanized Trade Systems

Si14 Fund is an innovator in the investment control system

The simulated system of relationship between the fund and an Investor has a 100% guarantee of risks elimination for an Investor:

  • Investment management is on registered Investor’s accounts.
  • Si14 Fund specialists create the mechanized trade system (MTS) on Investor’s trade account.
  • Only an Investor has access to his finances.
  • Complete performance control of the mechanized trade system (MTS) executed by a fund specialists.

Performance method with Si14 Fund.

  • A Client chooses the required  capital management strategy given below
  • A Client signs the agreement with Si14 Fund to install and rent MTS (previously having consulted with the manager)
  • The manager agrees with a Client the  Broker company choice serving Client's trade account
  • Si14 Fund specialists (after signing the agreement and a 100% advance payment according to the chosen strategy) determine the mechanized trade system and send the operation manual.

Cooperation Safety.

  • An Investor has full access to his means, and also an opportunity to siphon off trading account funds, to stop trade, to refuse cooperation in his sole discretion at any time

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2 4

2-4% p.a.

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4 8

4-8% p.a.

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10 15

10-15% p.a.

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20 24

20-24% p.a.

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25 30

25-30% p.a.

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40 50

40-50% p.a.

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50 70

50-70% p.a.

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70 100

70-100% p.a.

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100-∞% p.a.

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Trade management strategy

One of the basic trade rules in financial markets which is known by all traders and experts of this profile is the fact that “a trader” has no right to make mistakes and he is obliged to analyze any important detail which can influence innovations in the market. Our financial group completely has excluded a human factor from the trade process, having applied mechanized trade systems which have been operating capitals in a successful way for a long time. Si-14 Investment Fund deals with your own money development. You choose strategy and annual desired interest on our site. We install trade robot on your own account and it works 24 hrs a day x 5 days a week for your profit, online & transparent, your money stay safe and grow according to the strategy you have chosen. You get a detailed monthly report with total net profit received at the beginning of the each month. The trade robot puts part of Your equity at work making profit and you can watch it online.

You got profit - you pay, no profit - no pay, fair and easy.

Liberal Strategy

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Moderate Strategy

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Wave Strategy

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Difference Strategy

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Correlation Strategy

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Fund Strategy

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Pamm Strategies

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Mamm Strategies

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Risk Hedging

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Aggressive Strategy

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Cooperation with us

Investing and cooperating with Si14 LLC, you have an opportunity to place your assets in the most effective way taking into account your investment purposes and desirable profitability. Long-term experience and knowledge of our investment consultants who will help you to create the optimum investment strategy are at your service.

Guarantees of the authorized company capital 

19 633 541 USD

To brokers

Having concluded Partnership with Si-14 fund, you receive additional monetization of your Clients at several

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Partner (IB)

The IB Partner is the cooperation program which gives an excellent opportunity to natural persons and owners of the sites to obtain a high

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You have an opportunity to set your Back-office of the Si14 financial group in your region. It will be enough for you to specify the location of

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